Two Crows

Whew! So I’m a bit behind, but I had kind of a crazy two weeks.

Things are starting to look up a in the job field. I got hired by a wholesale baking company who’s original head baker ended up getting fired the week after I started…

So after a rocky beginning I am now heading up the operation myself.

It’s going to be different that what I’ve been used to for the past couple of years, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into baking a variety of different tasty treats. The company is in its early stages still, and now with the former head baker gone there will be a lot of opportunity to get creative and bring in my own recipes and style. I am quite excited to be part of a new business that is just starting out. I am also really looking forward to being part of a small team that is all working towards a similar goal. I realized that being in a restaurant environment, and being the only one doing what I was doing was a bit isolating and lonely. I guess I’m saying I look forward to having co-workers who can directly relate to the baking life. Look for Two Crows Bakery items coming soon!


What I made the past two weeks

The dandelions in my yard have exploded recently, so I decided to make some dandelion jelly. I used a variation of a Martha Stewart recipe, but used about twice the amount of dandelions (it seriously didn’t even make a dent in the amount we have growing) and half the amount of sugar. Because of this I think my pectin amounts were a bit off, so it came out a bit looser than I wanted, but the flavor is absolutely perfect. It has an amazing likeness to the flavor of honey, and would make a great vegan substitute. I drizzled some over some yogurt and berries for breakfast. So tasty. You can also skip the extra steps needed to make jelly and just make some dandelion tea. Dandelions are not just weeds!


Ever since I learned how to make ice cream, it is always requested at family gatherings. For Easter this year I threw together delicious buttermilk praline ice cream with caramel and walnuts. I forgot to take a picture, but maybe I’ll remember next time.

Coupla cuuute cakes this past week!


This is just a bonus if you’ve made it this far…

I came across a man selling this precious Siberian husky puppies earlier last week. I just couldn’t not stop and hold them. Much need puppy therapy.

This one loved being held with both hands and cried when I lifted my arm off her to take the picture.

This one loved being held with both hands and cried when I lifted my arm off her to take the picture.

Have a great week!


This week I’ve been collecting things that inspire me. Partially to keep myself from spiraling down into the depths of all the aspects of my life that are unknown to me now that I no longer have a job, and partially to fuel myself to go forward.

I’ve been looking at different parts of my business and thinking about that dreaded term, “personal brand.” Man, this shit is overwhelming. I understand why it’s important these days, but there is so much involved that no one tells you about. As a person with a business you have to wear so many hats: baker, decorator, artist, not to mention photographer, graphic designer, and writer. Your personality has to come through so people care while still showing your skill and professionalism at what you actually do. Now I know why people hire other people for this stuff.

Gonna need  this mug

Gonna need this mug

What I made this week

I had the pleasure of making a Game of Thrones themed cake for a client’s viewing party this week. I had an absolute black with this project and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

he clients bought this awesome Iron Throne replica for the topper.

he clients bought this awesome Iron Throne replica for the topper.

With all the leftover cake from this project I went ahead and whipped up a bunch of theses little Dead Ned cake pops too.

Poor Ned.

Poor Ned.

Here’s to more fun projects and being creative!


I got the rug pulled out from under me this week.

I lost my job.

If I had thought I had feelings last week, I was quite mistaken. It still doesn’t seem real. I don’t know if I even have the words to say much about it right now, so this is going to be a shorter post. My heart is broken over it and I fee like the last piece of structure I had in my daily life is gone now and I’m hanging by a thread.

I’ve taken some extra time this week to think about where my life is, where my business is and where I want them to go. No answers yet, but I have so many thoughts and ideas that it’s overwhelming. Maybe I’ll share some on here soon.

What I made this week

I have felt so inspired by all of the cherry blossoms I’ve seen blooming lately. The design for a birthday cake this week came directly from those soft pink, cloudy flowers.

So in love with how these colours came out.

So in love with how these colours came out.

Be gentle with yourselves this week.