I’m not gonna lie. This week was rough.

At the start of the week we were still pretty snowed in and severely bored. The strangest thing about it was that despite having so much time on my hands I did almost nothing with it, and I felt exhausted. It was like having nothing to do was more taxing than actually being busy. I felt guilty for not being productive or creative but unmotivated to really do anything about it. Too much free time is dangerous…

On the other side of things, when I finally did have work to do later in the week, I found myself getting frustrated and breaking down over small details not going perfectly. I was mad at myself for getting mad. Like, what gave me the right to get upset over practically nothing when I had absolutely nothing else to focus on.

I am pretty good at talking myself out of my own spirals and luckily all it took that day was a quick drive in the car to clear my head (with lots of tears) and a few minutes of a Netflix comedy special. And of course comforting hugs from my husband.

I finally finished the order, a cute Valentine’s Day themed cake and macarons for a local shop’s Galentine’s Day flower crown making and cake event. If you’re local to Port Angeles, definitely check out Amma’s Umma. They have such a cute collection of ethically made and fair trade items, and their proceeds benefit multiple adoption charities.

Photo credit goes to Amith Dutta of @lensandlegends

Photo credit goes to Amith Dutta of @lensandlegends

Photo credit goes to Amith Dutta of @lensandlegends

Photo credit goes to Amith Dutta of @lensandlegends

What I made this week

Really the only thing I put any effort into was making this week were the macarons for the order. I hadn’t done them in my home kitchen since I first started learning how to make them a couple of years ago and I was nervous they wouldn’t turn out right. I’m used to making them for work in a professional kitchen and baking in a convection oven. Thankfully they turned out beautifully. Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I filled them with some raspberry buttercream and a lemon curd center. Quite delightful if i do say so. The hand painted details are always my favourite part and I went ham with the Valentine’s theme.

I use a version of the Ladurée recipe. It’s one of the oldest macaron recipes out there and I’ve found it to be very reliable. There isn’t a recipe online directly from Ladurée, but the link above has the same measurements and basic instructions as one of their pastry books. They are tricky little things and I’ve found that the best way to master them is practice.

Now that the snow is melting and the roads are clear my hope for the week ahead is for a return to my routine. Here’s to getting back on track!