This week I’ve been collecting things that inspire me. Partially to keep myself from spiraling down into the depths of all the aspects of my life that are unknown to me now that I no longer have a job, and partially to fuel myself to go forward.

I’ve been looking at different parts of my business and thinking about that dreaded term, “personal brand.” Man, this shit is overwhelming. I understand why it’s important these days, but there is so much involved that no one tells you about. As a person with a business you have to wear so many hats: baker, decorator, artist, not to mention photographer, graphic designer, and writer. Your personality has to come through so people care while still showing your skill and professionalism at what you actually do. Now I know why people hire other people for this stuff.

Gonna need  this mug

Gonna need this mug

What I made this week

I had the pleasure of making a Game of Thrones themed cake for a client’s viewing party this week. I had an absolute black with this project and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

he clients bought this awesome Iron Throne replica for the topper.

he clients bought this awesome Iron Throne replica for the topper.

With all the leftover cake from this project I went ahead and whipped up a bunch of theses little Dead Ned cake pops too.

Poor Ned.

Poor Ned.

Here’s to more fun projects and being creative!